aRTi-D™ Digital, Production Digitalization

    What is it and how it works?

    A complete solution for the digitization of the production process with the aim of eliminating the use of paper during production and automating processes.


    Information Visualization

    Automatic paperless production status recording.

    Full view of the production status in real time.

    Identifying root-causes of problems.

    Connecting the production data with ERP systems and vice versa.

    Automated execution of actions by creating and managing rules.

    Productivity trends and predictions.

    Full traceability in real time.

    Detection of deviations and suggestions for optimal settings.

    Historical data.


    ▶ Reduction of human errors.

    ▶ Faster decision-making.

    ▶ Saving working time.

    ▶ Faster production.

    ▶ Increase in productivity.

    ▶ Instant control of regulatory compliance.