aRTi-D™ OEE, Production Analytics


    What is it and how it works?

    An integrated solution to minimize lost production times, by identifying and analyzing micro-stops of production assets, with the aim of increasing productivity.

    Data collection

    ▶ Real-time monitoring of machines and facilities.

    ▶ Secure, web-based access to machine data.

    ▶ Integration of different measurements from any source (sensors, image, sound, etc.).

    ▶ Support of multiple types of sensors (analog, 4-20mA, voltage, digital interfaces, etc.).

    ▶ Pre-processing data locally, to reduce the amount of data transferred to the server/Cloud.

    ▶ Expandability to meet future needs simply by adding additional devices.

    ▶ Increased flexibility: Wired/wireless.

    ▶ Installation and direct operation (plug n' play).


    Data processing

    Algorithms look for correlations and anomalies so that together with statistical (historical) analysis, they can provide:

     diagnosis based on root-cause analysis,

     predictions as well as

     the economic impact of events.

    Information Visualization

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) & Personnel (OLE).

    Production Attainment

    Runtime & Downtimes.

    Production line speed.

    Suggestions for improvement in real time.

    Productivity trends and predictions.

    Root-Cause analysis of downtimes.

    Products counting

    Performance map (heatmap).

    Production analytics based on product history.

    Production runtime.

    Counting defective products.


    ▶ Increased equipment performance and productivity

    ▶ eduction of operational production costs

    ▶ Reduction of equipment downtime

    ▶ Reduction of maintenance costs

    ▶ Increased asset availability

    ▶ Customer satisfaction and business reputation maintained

    ▶ Reduction in product recall costs and lost materials

    Product quality assurance

    ▶ Compliance with international regulations

    ▶ Payback in less than 12 months