SEEMS at SEV's "Business Day" at the premises of "BARBA STATHES"

    SEEMS was present at the company "BARBA STATHΙS" premises in VI.PE. Sindos, in the framework of the "Business Day" action organized by SEV. The purpose of the meeting was to present the participating companies' innovative high-tech solutions in the industry. In particular, the companies that participated were Tekmon, Satori Analytics, Seems, Greener than Green, Act4energy, Pobuca, Smart CV, EXMACHINA, Comidor, BIO2CHP, Dataphoria, Emphasis DigiWorld, People, e-Kinesis, Dataviva. 

    During the event, Amanda Sukoulia, CEO of SEEMS presented the corporate solution, aRTi-D™, developed entirely in-house using artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning and IoT technology for digital transformation in industry.

       foodtech seems booth6 final    
    foodtech seems booth6 final


    We want to thank SEV for the initiative, "BARBA STATHIS" for hosting and all the participants.  










    SEEMS Award at the 18th Conference "Innovation and Development"

    On 30 March 2024, the 18th Multi-Conference "INNOVATION & DEVELOPMENT", a unique event for the exchange of views and ideas and networking through 6 thematic sections focused on the prospects of Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship, was successfully held at Porto Palace in Thessaloniki.

    Distinguished speakers from the policy, academic-research community, and the productive sector highlighted the challenges, opportunities and benefits of Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship. As part of the presentation of Successful Entrepreneurship Models, Amanda Sukoulia presented SEEMS PC as a Modern Model of Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

       foodtech seems booth6 final       

    foodtech seems booth6 final



    At the end of the conference, the journalist and creator of, Rallio Lepidou, awarded three women entrepreneurs for their contribution to the world of business. Amanda Soukoulia received the "Successful Entrepreneurship Model" award from the President of the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone, Mr. Panagiotis Ketikidis.

    More information about the conference:






    SEEMS participation in SEV's Business Day with EYDAP

    As part of the Business Day action organized on the initiative of SEV, SEEMS and 16 other start-up companies and research centers had the opportunity to meet with EYDAP S.A. During the event, which took place at EYDAP's premises in Galati, on March 6, 2024, the companies and research centers gained a full picture of EYDAP's activities and presented their products and services, offering solutions that can meet the needs of the company at the production level and in general. Tekmon, DTWISE, Pragma IOT, Satori Analytics, Seems, Rething, Kyklos Group, Greener than Green, Act4energy, ENEXAN, Linked Business, Pobuca, Bryq, ITML, Cyberscope, Flexfin, Energy Center of Capabilities, participated in particular. 

    Amanda Soukoulia, Managing Partner of SEEMS presented the corporate solution, aRTi-D™, developed by SEEMS PC, using artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning, and IoT technology for digital transformation in industry. In addition, discussions were held on how the technologies provided by the company can focus on and provide solutions to the needs of EYDAP. The event was attended by Mr. Haris Sachinis, CEO of EYDAP S.A., stating that: "At EYDAP, water and innovation are inextricably linked." 

       foodtech seems booth6 final    
    foodtech seems booth6 final


    We would like to thank SEV for the initiative, EYDAP S.A. for hosting the event, and all the participants.  






    Participation at the FooodTech 2023 Exhibition

    Cyber Tech Con2023 intro

    For the first time,  SEEMS participated in the Food and Beverage Technology and Equipment Exhibition FOODTECH and Global Pack 2023.

    The exhibition took place on 11-13 November 2023, at the Metropolitan Expo Exhibition Centre. FoodTech aimed to attract the most important decision-makers in the food and beverage industry and to enable the companies, which participated, to expand their customer base.

     2nd Panel CTC 2023 SEEMS    foodtech seems booth6 final    

    foodtech seems booth6 final


    During the exhibition, we had the opportunity to present the aRTi-D™ platform, a purely corporate product, which includes all our applications focused on the development of Digital Transformation solutions in the Industry.

    At the same time, we were able to make contact, with a large percentage of professionals interested in integrating Digital Transformation Solutions. Digital Transformation is now considered essential and is a key core for the evolution of industrial units. At FoodTech we had the opportunity to meet our customers and partners who have already trusted us and are now seeing the results of using the aRTi-D™ platform.


     foodtech seems booth3 final        2nd Panel CTC 2023 SEEMS1

    This year, we were pleased to see the growing need for Digital Transformation Solutions across all industry sectors. These solutions aim to increase production at the lowest possible cost. In fact, the success of SEEMS is due to the fact that the Solution it provides is supported by Artificial Intelligence technologies which gives it a great advantage.

    Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth and gave us the opportunity to get to know each other!




    Participation at the CyberTechCon2023

    Cyber Tech Con2023 intro

    The first conference on Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, and Cloud Services in Thessaloniki is a fact! The CyberTechCon 2023 conference was organized for the first time in Thessaloniki on March 10 and 11, 2023 at Porto Palace Hotel!CyberTechCon 2023 focused on digital transformation trends, concerning innovative technologies to meet the needs of every modern business.

    It also presented cyber defense measures to enhance companies' cybersecurity, as well as the dominant trends in Cloud Computing, so that each company can remain competitive while reducing costs to a minimum.

    The conference was targeted at executives and decision-makers in the private and public sector, IT departments (CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, Head of IT departments, Engineers, Risk & Compliance Managers, DPOs, etc.), the IT channel and Integrators & Vendors with IT solutions.

    SEEMS PC participated in the conference with a speaker Mr. Petros Soukoulias, Co-founder & Advisory Board of SEEMS.


    2nd Panel CTC 2023 SEEMS    2nd Panel CTC 2023 SEEMS1