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The WairIt project aims to optimize existing techniques for measuring citizens' personal exposure to urban air pollution using innovative wearables, advanced data integration technologies, and environmental indicator algorithms. The information collected will be readily available to those who carry the wearables through a mobile app, and to all stakeholders through an online platform.

As part of the project, the solution will be piloted in Thessaloniki by employees of the courier company IDS. This pilot application will lead, among other things, to the mapping of urban pollution for main roads in high spatial resolution. At the same time, WairIt's solution will help protect workers' health, thereby reducing the need for health benefits and minimizing lost working hours due to environmental-related illnesses.

From an environmental point of view, WairIt allows the general public to gain a basic knowledge of the different types of pollutants, their levels in the atmosphere, and how they interact with human activities. The large volume of data on air quality will contribute to a better understanding of the problem and its sources, contributing to the development of appropriate policies. In the long run, the platform could also be used as an educational tool to raise public awareness and understand the causes of air pollution.
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