The IoT Awards 2022 were organized by BOUSSIAS addressed to all companies, organizations, public bodies, as well as to providers of relevant services & solutions of the Internet-of-Things market.

They are the only awards that recognize the most innovative companies, IoT applications, and applications in Greece in order to motivate all participants and enhance their continuous improvement. At the same time, the Awards contribute to the promotion and communication of the offered solutions and technologies in order to manage data in real-time, while the winners stand out in the market as bright examples of field.

Based on the automated recipe management and production analytics for the Production Line Digitization, Automation and Optimization using technologies of the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, SEEMS received the following awards in the below-mentioned categories:

 IOT Awards 2022 Stickers Gold  Production
 IOT Awards 2022 Stickers Gold  Asset management
 IOT Awards 2022 Stickers Silver  Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Where the team effort of SEEMS meets the trust of the visionaries of the Greek Industry, a purely Greek innovation can boost the competitiveness of the Greek industry!

 SEEMS IoT Awards 2022 Facebook 4       SEEMS IoT Awards 2022 Facebook 1     

SEEMS IoT Awards 2022 Facebook 5

More information about the event: IoT Awards – Some Things Change Everything 



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SEEMS is a hi-tech company which is focused on IoT solutions development employing Artificial Intelligence techniques.

SEEMS is built on a team of inspired and hardworking innovation explorers developing progressive technological solutions to improve the daily quality of life.

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