In the frame of BEYOND 4.0 Exhibition, SEEMS demonstrated its aRTi-D™ corporate technology, as the Solution for Digital Transformation in industrial production. Digitization, automation & optimization, supported by aRTi-D™, take off the production efficiency with less operational cost, while the management has the capability to take the proper and secure decisions in time.

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SEEMS engineers presented the advantages, that the Solution provides in industrial production and the benefits expected, employing modern technologies to support the Digital Transition.  SEEMS PC has developed this powerful and innovative technology to support effectively and in time management decisions, while monitoring the results and providing flexibility to step in and secure from any deviation. 
aRTi-D™ Solution by SEEMS takes off the production efficiency while reducing the operational cost. 
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At the open stage of Pavilion 15, Petros Soukoulias, Co-Founder and Member of SEEMS Advisory Board, presented SEEMS activities, capabilities, and aRTi-D™ development achievement, 100% in-house. He focused on its applications and how they support the Digital Transition of industrial production, creating preconditions for competitive advantages.
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Digital technology takes over the routine work, providing engineers with confidence and time to innovate.



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SEEMS is a hi-tech company which is focused on IoT solutions development employing Artificial Intelligence techniques.

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