aRTi-D™ Env, Environmental and energy management

What is it and how it works?

aRTi-D™ Env is a solution for managing and controlling the working environment and the energy consumption. aRTi-D™ Env offers the ability to monitor, analyze and/or control various environmental conditions (eg temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.).

Data collection

▶ Real-time monitoring of various in-site environmental conditions.

▶ Integration of different measurements from any source (sensors, image, sound, etc.).

▶ Support of multiple types of sensors (analog, 4-20mA, voltage, digital interfaces, etc.).

▶ Pre-processing data locally, to reduce the amount of data transferred to the server/Cloud.

▶ Expandability to meet future needs by adding additional devices.

▶ Increased flexibility: Wired/wireless.

▶ Installation and direct operation (plug n' play).


Surveillance of Means of Production

Surveillance Sizes

▶ Temperature

▶ Humidity

▶ PM2.5

▶ CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2


Surveillance Points

▶ Production area

▶ Warehouses

▶ Offices

▶ Refrigerators

▶ Heating/Cooling Units

▶ Real-time monitoring of in-site environmental conditions.

▶ Indoor air quality alerts.

▶ Monitoring of energy consumption and suggestions to reduce consumption.

▶ Control cooling/heating units from anywhere, via mobile phone or computer.

▶ Determination of operating limits of cooling/heating units.

▶ Creating and managing rules for executing actions, based on site conditions.

▶ Setting an operating schedule to turn cooling/heating units on or off.

▶ Detection of deviations (e.g. open windows) and suggestions for optimal settings.

▶ Evaluation of cooling/heating unit performance based on historical data.

▶ Automatic notifications in case of deviation.

▶ View of daily events and user actions.

▶ Historical data.

▶ Reports with data analysis.

▶ Financial recording of energy consumption.

▶ Managing users to define roles and access authorizations. Each device can have multiple users.

Management application


▶ 50-70% energy savings in heating and cooling systems.

▶ 100% compliance with regulations.

▶ 10-20% increase in productivity.

▶ 5% reduction in employee absenteeism rates.

▶ 3-10% improved viability.



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